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Guild Rules Version 2.0

At all times possible we will consult the guild membership on all issues before taking action. We have forums for suggestions and a PM system on this website, in game mail and private messaging in game for your concerns. Guild meetings are held to determine action on issues that concern guild members, and events can be scheduled through the website by any guild member.

This is a guild for everyone, and a guild to serve its members. If you want your voice heard speak up!
Members WILL:
  • Have fun!
  • Settle arguments outside of guild chat.
  • Follow the ideals set out by BaT.
  • Address concerns and complaints outside of guild chat with a Class Lead, Officer, or GM.
  • Provide materials for profession services, unless previous arrangements (ie- bartering) have been arranged.
  • Have the right to play by themselves.
  • Have the right to seek out others to play.
  • Treat everyone with understanding and respect.
  • Act as an in game representative for Blood and Thunder.
  • Hold other members accountable to in game guild standards of behaviour.
    Members WILL NOT:
  • Flame or defame other players or guilds, in game or in forums.
  • Abuse other members.
  • Spam, troll, beg, curse excessively, use hateful language in game.
  • RoX0R n00b pwnAGE!! in guild chat or /bat.
  • Ninja party members.
  • Abandon groups where their safety would be compromised.
    Members of BaT agree to the following looting terms on guild runs:
  • No looting while party members are in combat.
  • Greed all greens.
  • Do not start a boss kill until everyone is present and has indicated readiness.
  • Do not release your spirit during a boss kill unless the entire group is unable to resurrect.
  • Do not loot a boss kill until all are present, even in spirit form.
  • Passing on greed rolls is personal preference, every party member has equal opportunity to greed all greens.

    Warnings and Penalties
    When a member has a complaint an officer or GM should be notified outside of guild chat to review the case. The Council Member or GM will hear both sides of the complaint, and then remind the guild of the policy on the specific issue at hand. If after discussion the behavior in question continues:

    1. The player will be warned verbally and in writing via in-game mail, and the issue will be documented in the conflict resolution Officer forum.
    2. If the issue persists and the player is non-compliant with the Council Member’s or GM’s requests that player will be /gkicked and have to wait the 3 month period before being able to reapply.

    If a player believes they are wrongfully accused it is up to them to contact the GM in writing for further investigation of the matter at
    Grounds for Immediate Dismissal from the Guild Without Warning or Notification:
  • Remaining inactive for 3 weeks without notifying a GM, Officer, or Class Lead.
  • Insubordination and/or disregard for guild policy.
  • Vocally threatening to quit the guild without informing a Council Member or GM of their reasons or attempting resolution.

  • While we don't mind you having alternate characters, in the interest of keeping our guild roster from being inflated and to promote leveling, guild membership is currently limited to main characters and one alt.
  • When a player's main has reached a level of 49+ they are eligible to create an in-guild alt.
  • When a player's main has reached level 70 they are eligible for a "free roll" if they would like another character in the guild. This is not meant to discourage players who have not purchased the Burning Crusade, if you are not playing on a BC account, have reached L60 and would like to enter another character into the guild please contact a GM and an alternate arrangement can be made.
  • If a player has an alt they are more than welcome to add the entire guild to their friends list, however joining the casual chat channel with non-guild characters or soliciting services from guild members for non-guild characters is against Blood and Thunder policy and will result in a formal warning to the member.

    Quasi-Twinking Recruits
  • Do so at your own risk. Recruits, like probationary members, are in the guild on a conditional basis and as such may have a different level of commitment to the guild than a member.
  • Membership has its benefits and waiting until a recruit has passed through their nomination process to become a member might be a good idea before you send them 5 gold as start up cash. GMs cannot reimburse any money lost in game.
    Questing & Running With Higher Levels
  • We have a great range of character levels in our guild, and everyone has the right to level at their own pace- including your 60+ guildies.
  • Please be as respectful of their time as you are of everyone else's. Asking the guild for help, posting on the forums etc. is a great method of getting the help you need without spamming high level players. The eat up your XP anyways!

    Website Participation
  • Your participation on the website is part of what makes us a community. Use this resource, suggest changes that you would enjoy, post your runs on the calendar- it just makes us stronger and encourages Philia!

    Any issue that has not been addressed here will be handled by Guild Officers and GMs as they see fit.

    At any time all members are encouraged to bring their concerns to Officers and GMs for resolution.

    Last Updated July 2007