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Guild Structure v. 3.0.1

Blood and Thunder’s Guild Structure was originally established by majority rule of the founding members, and since has been amended by the desire and votes of its membership.
Summary:Probationary is a status reserved for members whose offline time without prior notice exceeds two weeks, but who have a week or less left on their membership before they are removed from the guild.
  • Guild Chat disabled.
  • Casual Chat enabled.
  • Members who have been inactive for two weeks or will be moved to probationary status. If a member is inactive for a third week they will be removed from the guild.
  • If a guild member notifies a GL of pending inactivity they will not be subject to the standard removal timeline.
    Summary: Recruits are new members who are testing the waters of the guild. Recruit status is a low commitment and obligation way to get the feel for Blood and Thunder, and for Blood and Thunder to get the feel for its recruits!
  • Guild Chat enabled
  • Guest Access to Website until Application is submitted.
  • Guild Bank Visibility
  • Recruiting recommendations forwarded to Officers, or GLs
  • Recruits are members on a mutual conditional basis for the first two weeks of their membership. During this time they are free to participate in guild events and contests, and is intended to let both the guild and the recruit establish if the recruit is a good match for the guild.
  • If problems are encountered that are outside of normal circumstances and are troubling to the Council a recruit may be removed from the guild without notice.
  • A recruit can play with the guild temporarily simply by being invited into the guild, but to gain access to event sign up, the forums, and be qualified for membership a recruit must apply for membership on the BaT website. After two weeks of guild play a recruit will be informally reviewed by the council, if the majority of council feels that they are a good match for the guild they will be invited to become members, which if accepted will mean promotion.
    Summary: The Membership are the bread and butter of the guild. The Council and Guild Leaders are responsible to them, all major guild issues are put to the membership for majority rule vote, and their level of interest, activity, and commitment are what determines the quality, direction, and future of the guild.
  • Guild Chat enabled
  • Guild Bank Access with repairs
  • Full Functionality enabled for the Guild Website.
  • Recruiting recommendations forwarded to Council or GLs
  • Requires Authenicator
  • Membership is conditional on demonstrated understanding of and adherence to guild rules.
    Council Member
    Summary: Council Members are members who are appointed as guild leaders by the Guild Leaders for their commitment, leadership, and level headed judgment. Council Members serve the guild in trust for the Guild Leaders on paper and in practice with equal functionality and authority as the Guild Leaders hold, and with equal accountability.
  • Guild Chat enabled
  • Increased Guild Bank Access
  • Increased repair limits
  • Officer Chat enabled
  • Recruiting allowed
  • Requires Authenicator
  • Full Functionality enabled for the Guild Website. Officer Forum access enabled.
  • Membership is conditional on demonstrated understanding of and adherence to guild rules.
  • Role is conditional on quality of recruits, participation in events, participating on the website, playing time availability and most importantly leadership within guild.
  • Council Members serve as an inner circle for discussion and deliberation on guild matters. Any issues that are pertinent to whole guild discussion will be vetted through these players before a vote is put to the membership.
    Summary: The Overseers, the Guild Leaders, have the so called "final say" on issues of concern to the guild that are not able to be reconciled by majority vote. Guild Leaders are the individuals responsible for holding Probationary, Recruits, Members, and Council Members responsible to the guild rules and to each other. Guild Leaders are also responsible for coordinating the website, guild events, any contests, as well as acting as the primary recruiting screeners and conflict resolvers.
  • Guild Chat enabled
  • Casual Chat enabled.
  • Officer Chat enabled
  • Recruiting allowed.
  • Website Admininstrators
  • Overseers are there to be general resources to the guild, provide over riding guidance and vision, and to be responsive in adapting the direction of the guild to the kinds of players we attract.

    Last Updated May 19th, 2016